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Most of you are here because you’ve typed something like “” into the address-bar.

Or you’ve searched for Cristian Puie.  Either way, I thank you for the interest and/or curiosity!!

You are, indeed, where you should be.  This is it.

There was a Twitter thing set up.  Over on the right side of the page –> `Twitter Updates`.
For about ten months, it worked.  Then on 20 October 2011, it stopped working.  That’s all I know.
Well, actually, no, that isn’t all I know.  I also know why it stopped working, however, until I get around to making it work again, the why is rather irrelevant unless you’re into coding stuff.

I don’t expect a Justin Bieber-like following.  Frankly, that would be too much pressure.  I dislike pressure.

I plan on fixing this area up, and, eventually, opening up to the world, but right now, the world must wait just a little bit longer.  I am experimenting.  Thank you for bearing with me…

By Cristian T. Puie