I want to say a few things

I need to ask for your patience and indulgence here because I want to say a few things.

In the past week others have said what I will be saying here today far more eloquently than I’m equipped to do.

It’s a terribly sad time here, in my family.

We’ve lost my uncle last week, after a decade-plus long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Also, in the past week, just the other day, in fact, my cousin Margaret called the house to let us know her mother had had some sort of accident.

The details here are sketchy at best, and keeping in mind my aunt’s right to privacy, what I can say is that something happened, I don’t know what, but my aunt Rebecca called her daughter to say she’s not well, so Margaret drove over to the house and found her mother on the floor. Emergency services were called and she is now in hospital, with a concussion, and possible bleeding on the brain. I hope it isn’t a subarachnoid hemorrhage but I just don’t know yet.

I don’t trust my judgement in matters like this; I wasn’t sure if I should be putting this up here, because I tend to rail against Facebook and Fetiquette (Facebook etiquette) and not long ago I posted a précis & link to an article about Facebook friends & crisis.

But, that’s where we stand right now; I just want to thank the people who helped in both cases, especially Marcela in the former, for doing everything from letting us know what we needed to do, and for the most part, for actually doing it for us; and Margaret in the latter case, for letting us know what’s going on and keeping us in the proverbial loop.

It’s been a very bizzare experience, this past week, and I want to thank those friends, everybody that has been so very supportive through this, but I don’t plan to say much more about this particular topic.

So, thank you for letting me rant a little.

By Cristian T. Puie

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Most of you are here because you’ve typed something like “www.ctpuie.ca” into the address-bar.

Or you’ve searched for Cristian Puie.  Either way, I thank you for the interest and/or curiosity!!

You are, indeed, where you should be.  This is it.

There was a Twitter thing set up.  Over on the right side of the page –> `Twitter Updates`.
For about ten months, it worked.  Then on 20 October 2011, it stopped working.  That’s all I know.
Well, actually, no, that isn’t all I know.  I also know why it stopped working, however, until I get around to making it work again, the why is rather irrelevant unless you’re into coding stuff.

I don’t expect a Justin Bieber-like following.  Frankly, that would be too much pressure.  I dislike pressure.

I plan on fixing this area up, and, eventually, opening up to the world, but right now, the world must wait just a little bit longer.  I am experimenting.  Thank you for bearing with me…

By Cristian T. Puie